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Project Genius

Sea Chest

Sea Chest

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Difficulty Level 3

The Vikings were known for their long voyages and on the move lifestyle, so it is no surprise that they took great care in the protection and storage of their belongings.

The Mastermyr and Oseberg chests were the most well known style of chest that were used during these voyages. These sea chests carried many of their precious belongings such smithing and woodworking tools.

Vikings were masters of the sea and land, protecting their belongings as they ventured into the unknown. Only a true genius could unlock these chests to uncover the valuables inside. Can you?

"Early Civilizations shaped our world by solving puzzles. Faced with a problem, they were able to visualize and execute a creative solution with few resources. These brilliant innovations are the foundations of our modern society and the mark of a True Genius."

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