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Project Genius

Egyptian Coin Trade

Egyptian Coin Trade

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Difficulty Level 5

The Ancient Egyptians had robust trade routes that connected their lands with other nations all over the ancient world. Traveling by land and sea, they exported such valuable commodities like gold, linen, papyrus and even finished stone and glass objects. The Egyptian Coin Trade puzzle was inspired by these ancient merchants and their need to organize their profits while maintaining a successful trade route. Their efforts continue to be studied by anthropologist today and were a mark of true genius.

Goal: The three lines of coins are out of order and should be lined up by value. Find a way to switch the positions of the gold and silver coins with the bronze coins returning to their original position upon completion. Sounds simple? It is much more difficult than it appears.

"Early Civilizations shaped our world by solving puzzles. Faced with a problem, they were able to visualize and execute a creative solution with few resources. These brilliant innovations are the foundations of our modern society and the mark of a True Genius."

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